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Booking Page Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions:
– The traveller (I/me/my/myself) understands that the above booking does not include Travel Insurance. This will need to be organised by myself prior to departure. Unforgettable Golf Adventures (UGA) take no responsibility in relation to the arranging of or advise in relation to travel insurance. UGA However strongly recommends that I have the protection of travel insurance before travelling.
– Depending upon my Nationality / Passport (which requires at least 6 months validation), I may require a visa for entry into country being visited by the particular UGA Tour that I am booking. I understand this is my responsibility to check and arrange if required.
– I understand that the cost of the Tours are subject to change (see Full Terms & Conditions) and are exclusive of flights and flight costs, and everything not specific as ‘included’ on the Itinerary.
– I have read and agree to the Full Terms and Conditions.




Conditions & General Information:
The conditions below form the basis of any contract between you and Unforgettable Golf Adventures (the Company). When you contact the Company to book your tour, you appoint them to act as your agent to obtain the requested services for you.


Deposit & Final Payment:
In order to confirm a booking a non-refundable deposit of 50% of agreed land trip cost (Tour Cost) per person. It may be paid by Direct Bank Transfer with details supplied by Unforgettable Golf Adventures. Bookings are only accepted subject to the availability of required tour services such as accommodations and golf starting times. Payment of balances and cancellation penalty schedules are as outlined below.



Other Terms and Conditions:

  1. All prices are per person, based on twin/double occupancy.
  2. A Single supplement applies if individual wishes to have a single room.
  3. There is a ‘Non-Golfer’ rate available for travellers not wishing to play golf but still participate in the tour – I have identified clearly on my Booking Form if I wish to attend as a ‘Non-Golfer’.
  4. A minimum deposit of 50% is payable at time of booking.
  5. Travel restrictions may apply.
  6. Cost of Tours are subject to change, however Tour Costs and any taxes quoted are correct as at 1st August 2017.
    1. Tour Itinerary and cost is subject to change, availability, alteration and/or international currency fluctuations without notice.
    2. In relation to all the tour components advertised, including but not limited to; golf courses, hotels, hotel room types, day tours, etc quoted in the Itineraries are all subject to availability, and UGA reserves the right to alter these if required due to availability issues or any reasons beyond UGA’s control.
    3. Prices quoted are on sale until 90 days prior to tour departure, unless otherwise stated, agreed to or sold out prior. They are valid for the selected travel dates only.
  7. Whilst every effort will be made to keep Tour Price as advertised please note that the Tour Price is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances which may include, but not be limited to the following reasons:
    1. subject to any relevant currency fluctuation (RAND to AU$ for the South Africa Tour; and US$ to AU$ for the California/Pebble Beach Tour);
    2. if there is a major costing increase due to a Supplier that is used for the Tour increasing their price and on-charge to UGA.
    3. All Tour Prices are based on a minimum of 15 golfers and if the Tour proceeds with less than 15 golfers the Tour Price may change
  8. I understand that the Tour Price is exclusive of any international and/or domestic flights, and everything not listed as ‘included’ on the itinerary.
  9. Any Tour Price change will be communicated 90 days prior to Tour Departure date, and if there is an increase in price any additional payment due will be made within 30 days.
  10. Any airfares quoted on the website are always subject to availability at the time of booking flights and are not guaranteed until seats are held and payment for flights is made in accordance with the respective airline rules.
  11. The Offer may be withdrawn at any time.


Travel Insurance:
Unforgettable Golf Adventures strongly recommends that you have luggage, accident and trip cancellation insurance. Unforgettable Golf Adventures is not liable for loss, damage or theft of luggage or personal belongings, for personal injury, accident or illness. It is important for your own self-interest and protection that you make certain you have adequate coverage. Check with your insurance company or travel agent. I understand that the above booking does not include Travel Insurance. This will need to be organised by the individual prior to departure. Unforgettable Golf Adventures take no responsibility for anything related to travel insurance.


A current passport is required for travel to overseas destinations (with at least 6 months validity). A Visa may also be required for certain countries. The traveller understands that this is their responsibility to check and arrange if required. Check the requirements in good time before departure.

Notification of cancellation by a client must be forwarded in writing to Unforgettable Golf Adventures. The schedule of cancellation is listed as part of these conditions. No refund will be made for unused portions of a travel package.


Golf Handicaps:
A couple of golf clubs require visitors to show handicap cards or letter of introduction from your golf club. While this is not particularly common we strongly recommend you travel with a handicap card, and accept no responsibility if you do not and are subsequently denied golf. Certain clubs also place maximum handicap restrictions on visitors. If your handicap is greater than 27 (men) or 36 (ladies) please notify us in order we can discuss which clubs may have relevant restrictions (such as Royal Melbourne GC). Also, please note that Unforgettable Golf Adventures can accept no responsibility for the playing conditions of any golf courses, including changes caused by course maintenance or weather conditions.


Unforgettable Golf Adventures act only as agents in securing and booking the hotel accommodations and other land tour services provided. Unforgettable Golf Adventures assume and accept no liability for injury, loss, damage, accident. delay, changes or inconvenience caused by:
any force majeure – health risks – reason of war or threat of war – riots – civil strife – terrorist activity – industrial disputes – acts, omission, neglect, delay or default of any person engaged in providing any tour services including transportation and accommodation – technical problems to transport – closure or congestion of airports or ports – building work – extended hotel closure – cancellations or changes of schedules by airlines – interruption or failure of public utilities outside the control of the hotel and similar events beyond our control, including storms, tempests and hurricanes.
Unforgettable Golf Adventures is not liable for loss, damage or theft of luggage or personal belongings, for personal injury, accident or illness on any vehicle or at any place throughout the tour. Unforgettable Golf Adventures reserves the right to cancel a tour if circumstances so require. In the event of such cancellation, Unforgettable Golf Adventures will make a full refund to travellers of all payments received in respect of the tour. Such a refund of payments will be the full extent of Unforgettable Golf Adventures obligation and liability to travellers. This Agreement shall be governed by the substantive laws of Western Australia.


Brochure Accuracy:
As far as is known all information in the promotional and other materials of the Company is accurate at the time of publication. The Company accept no responsibility for any omissions or errors. Where they become aware of errors which could materially affect your travel
package, they will take all reasonable steps to inform you in a timely manner.

At Unforgettable Golf Adventures we have a Special Offer for Members of ‘participating’ Golf Clubs for our Tours:

If you book an Unforgettable Golf Adventures Golf Tour and are a Member of a ‘participating’ golf club, then you will receive a AU$200 Voucher from your Golf Club’s Professional Shop

Participating Golf Clubs listed below:
- Mount Lawley
- Blackwood
- Others to follow soon

Note: a 'participating' Golf Club is one that Unforgettable Golf Adventures has been approved by that Club, to promote our Golf Tours to Members of that Club

Visit our ‘Contact Us’ page to enquire how your Golf Club can register as a ‘participating’ club!